Hennepin County Tree Steward

Upcoming Tree Steward Training

Looking to get involved as a Tree Steward for Hennepin County?


There are currently no training workshops scheduled at this time. You are welcome to check back to see when those are scheduled or feel free to e-mail [email protected] and let us know that you are interested in getting on the waiting list. Those on the waiting list will be the first contacted regarding new opportunities.


Thank you for your interest and we look forward to sharing upcoming opportunities in Hennepin County!


Hennepin County Trees Website

Hennepin County has a website available with details regarding upcoming training opportunities, volunteer opportunities and contacts for those interested in learning more about ways to improve their community's urban forest.


Tree Steward Resources

Everyone who attended the Tree Steward training in Hennepin County received a paper copy of the Tree Steward Manual. A digital copy of the manual and powerpoint are available below. Also, check out the Reference Materials webpage to find more helpful resources regarding tree care.




Hennepin County is partnering with the University of Minnesota Forest Resources Department on the Tree Steward Program since 2017. Tree Stewards are a group of community-based volunteers trained in a range of topics predetermined by their community. Tree Steward training in Hennepin County includes best planting practices, watering of young trees, pruning suckers and sprouts, developmental pruning on young trees, and monitoring public tree health for disease, defects, and pests.


Tree Stewards are responsible for submitting 10 volunteer hours a year or attending 3 county-hosted events and must recertify every 3 years by completing an updated recertification assessment.


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Contact Information

For more information about volunteering please contact:

Tree Care Advocate Program: [email protected] 

Hennepin County:                                                Jen Kullgren, [email protected]            or at (612) 596-1175.