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People Helping Trees Help Communities!

Minnesota Tree Care Advocate is a program committed to volunteerism and to helping make your community and state a healthier place to live. If you think that trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and other natural resources add to the quality of life in your community, then you've found a home.



Forest Resources Outreach Line

Do you have a question about trees, shrubs, or vines that you need assistance answering? Look no further! The Forest Resources Outreach Line has been in operation for over 50 years and is now staffed with volunteer Tree Care Advisors to help answer your questions. These volunteers will do their best to answer your questions and point you toward resources that can help.

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Vollie Walk

Submit Your Hours!

Thank you to all who volunteer with the Tree Care Advocate programs and contributing to the improvement of Minnesota's urban forests. 2020 has been a very encouraging year, but we need to gather your volunteer and education hours to keep you up to date as a volunteer and to ensure the longevity of all our programs. 

Check out the Reporting Hours Page where you can not only submit your volunteer and education hours, but you can also view the hours you have entered.

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