Reference Materials

The University of Minnesota Department of Forestry provides its Tree Care Advisors, Citizen Pruners, and Tree Stewards with the most up to date information. Below, you will find some resources that can help you learn more and provide correct information while you are out volunteering.

EAB Resources

General EAB Information
Interested in learning more about Emerald Ash Borer? The DNR has some great information about the insect, its lifecycle, links to maps where EAB has been found and quarantined and steps you can take as an informed citizen.

Managing EAB: Decision Guide (PDF)
This decision guide produced by Indiana DNR and Purdue University can help homeowners to decide if treatment or removal of ash trees is the best option.

Wood Utilization of Ash Trees
As a result of the recent increase in Emerald Ash Borer infestion throughout Minnesota, this resource is to show how to use ash tree wood in other ways after initial tree removal has been done.

Tree Selection Resources

Tough Trees & Shrubs for Tough Sites (PDF)

This document walks you through trees and shrubs at various sizes that can tolerate harsher sites in Minnesota.

Trees, Shrubs and Vines for Minnesota (PDF)
Gary Johnson has compiled an extensive list of woody plants that are cold hardy for zones 2 and 3. This list includes trees that perform well in Minnesota and those native to the upper Midwest

Native Trees & Shrubs for Pollinators (PDF)
As pollinators have become a hot topic for almost anyone, we all want to know what trees and shrubs will best serve specific pollinators. This guide can help you select the right tree or shrub based on time of year bloom and pollinators that are associated with that species.

The Best Plants for 30 Tough Sites (PDF)
University of Minnesota Extension and the Master Gardener Program has created this resource as a way for the public to address planting in sites that are not idea.

Green Reports

The University of Minnesota Department of Forestry releases an annual report that highlights some of the completed and ongoing work by members of our teaching, outreach, and research team.


Japanese Beetle Informational Brochure (PDF)

Japanese beetle is a recurring pest in the Minnesota landscape. This brochure covers everything you need to know about the insect and management.

Minnesota Forest Invaders (PDF)

There are many pests that negatively affect the trees and shrubs in our landscape. This document provides an overview of the most common invasive pests you may encounter.

Tree Planting & Maintenance

Stem Protection Fact Sheet (PDF)
This comprehensive resource will guide you on how to select and properly use different stem protection methods in order to protect trees and shrubs in the landscape. 

Sweating Trees (PDF) 
Some plants need some extra help in late winter/early spring to begin their natural processes which we can do by a process called sweating.

Tree Owner's Manual (PDF)
Here you can view the complete Tree Owner's Manual to better understand what needs a young tree has to grow successfully to maturity.

Best Planting Practices Videos
Need a quick refresher or more information on best planting practices for a variety of tree stock options? This video playlist is a great walk through of considerations you should make and information on how to best plant a tree for a successful future.

The Cost of Watering a Tree (PDF)
Have you ever wondered how much water a tree actually needs? "How Much Does it Cost to Water This Tree" is a great article to help determine water needs for newly planted and mature trees.

CODIT Booklet (PDF)

Trees and shrubs are resilient specimens that learn how to compartmentalize as a response to intruders and wounds. This booklet covers all of the technical information around this process.

Tree Identification

Tree Identification Cards
Here you can view and download a complete set of Tree Identification cards to assist you in the field or to brush up on your ID knowledge.

Beginner's Guide to Minnesota Trees (PDF)
Looking for first steps in learning to identify trees? This step-by-step manual contains many tips and tricks that will help you master the trees that you see every day.

Winter Tree ID (PDF)
This resource can assist to ID trees in the landscape during winter months. This ID key is focused on using buds and leaf scars to help identify the tree.

Community Manuals

Tree Inventory Manual (PDF)
This community manual covers the basics of a tree inventory and the resources needed to make the inventory succesful and useful for a community.

Community Gravel Bed Manual (PDF)
Here you can view and download a copy of All You Need To Know About Community Gravel Beds to help inform decisions in your community when purchasing and storing bareroot trees.