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Common Questions and Solutions

  • Can you come examine/maintain/remove my tree? The University of Minnesota does not perform tree care services. We recommend contacting a Certified Arborist if you need trees pruned or removed.
  • What should I do with a wooded area on my property? Please contact your regional Minnesota Department of Natural Resources forester for help managing your woodland.
  • Can you test my trees for disease? We can't, but the Plant Disease Clinic in the Department of Plant Pathology can help.
  • Can you analyze my soil? We can't, but the Soil Testing Laboratory in the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate can help.
  • Where do I start? The Urban Forestry Outreach and Research (UFOR) website and the UFOR YouTube channel have lots of information that many tree stewards and landowners find useful to answer their questions.

UFOR Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets have been produced by the UFOR lab and can also be found at trees.umn.edu. They are designed to be quick, printable reference sheets.

UFOR YouTube Channel

The new and improved UFOR YouTube channel features a variety of videos dedicated to all things urban and community forestry. Here you can learn how to plant, care for, and prune trees, as well as some fun facts about trees and some deep dives into more complex topics.

UFOR YouTube Homepage