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From left to right above: Larix laricina; Thuja occidentalis; Populus deltoides; Betula papyrifera; Tilia americana; Pinus resinosa 

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Climate and Weather

Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change (ASCC)

B4Warmed (UMN)

Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disasters (NOAA)

Biomes of Minnesota (UMN Extension)

Climate & Economic Justice Screening Tool (CEQ)

Climate & Health Action Guide (Vibrant Cities Lab)

Climate Change & Minnesota (MNDNR)

Climate Change Field Guide for Northern Minnesota Forests (UMN)

Climate Change Pressure in the 21st Century (USFS)

Climate Change Primer (USFS)

Climate Change Projections for Tree Species in the Northwoods (MN, WI, MI)

Climate Change Resource Center (USFS)

Climate Change Response Framework

Climate Change Tree Atlas (USFS)

Climate Change Vulnerability of Urban Trees: Twin Cities (NIACS)

Climate Modeling: An Introductory Primer for Practitioners (UMN)

Climate Projection Data for Minnesota (UMN)

Developing Community-Based Climate Communicators (MCAP)

Drought in Minnesota (MNDNR)

Economic Benefits of Natural Climate Solutions in Minnesota (Nature Conservancy)

Environmental Resilience Institute (Indiana University)

Fields to Streams: Managing Water in Rural Landscapes

Forest Carbon & Climate Program: Images & Graphics (MSU)

Forest Carbon and Climate Program: Webinars (MSU)

Fourth National Climate Assessment - Chapter 21: Midwest

Minnesota Climate Change Subcabinet

Minnesota Climate Trends (interactive map)

Minnesota State Climatology Office (MNDNR)

Nature and Climate Solutions for Minnesota (Nature Conservancy)

Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS)

Our Minnesota Climate (

Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI)

Trees. Water. Soil. Natural Climate Solutions for Our Economy & Environment (The Nature Conservancy)

University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership (MCAP)

United States Climate Alliance

U.S. Drought Monitor

Cultural and Societal Integrations

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Women on the Land: A Landowner's Guide to Stewarding her Woodlands



Ecological Importance of Native Americans Culture to the Kentucky Coffee Tree (Gymnocladus dioicus). Andrew R. VanAtta. April 2009.


Bur Oak Slice

UFOR YouTube Channel

The new and improved UFOR YouTube channel features a variety of videos dedicated to all things urban and community forestry. Here you can learn how to plant, care for, and prune trees, as well as some fun facts about trees and some deep dives into more complex topics.

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