Fall Leaf Learning Fest

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Thank you to those that attended our first Fall Leaf Learning Fest on November 7th, 2019!

We hope you enjoyed the small conference and we look forward to hosting another one in 2020!

2019 Sessions & Speakers

There will be 3 session topics at the Fall Leaf Learning Fest. You can find more information on the sessions and speakers for 2019 below:

Nature's Calendar

Presenter: Rebecca Montgomery, University of Minnesota Department of Forest Resources

More about Rebecca: Rebecca is a professor and Institute on the Environment Fellow at the University of Minnesota, Department of Forest Resources.

Session Description: Timing is everything, right? In this talk, I highlight how the timing of seasonal life cycles of plants and animals (aka phenology) offers an ecological calendar that connects people to the world around us, teaches us about climate change and can be used in urban and community forestry.

My Favorite Trees and Shrubs for Minnesota

Presenter: Jeffrey L. Johnson, University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

More about Jeffrey: Jeffrey L. Johnson is a horticulturist / trees and shrubs specialist all his adult life.  He currently maintains many of the Woody Plants Collections in the public areas of the Arboretum.  Jeffrey is a lifelong environmentalist and conservationist.

Session Description: This 45-minute presentation will cover a few of my favorite shade trees, small trees, large shrubs, and small shrubs, with a little discussion about why they are my favorites, and some Q&A time at the end.   

You may reach Jeffrey at [email protected] or Facebook (Jeffrey L Johnson).  He entertains questions or conversations about environmental horticulture, arboriculture / urban forestry, or related subjects (within reasonable parameters).

Issues with Oaks in Minnesota

Presenter: Brian Schwingle, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Forestry Division

More about Brian: Brian Schwingle is a Tree Insect and Disease Specialist with the Department of Natural Resources, Forestry Division.

Session Description: This presentation will address issues with oaks across the state of Minnesota. Brian will also take some time to share some observations of urban maple trees in Minnesota.



Come together with other Tree Care Advisor, Citizen Pruner and Tree Steward volunteers for an evening of growing your tree knowledge, sharing your tree experiences, and meeting your fellow volunteers!