Fall Leaf Learning Fest

Fall Leaf Learning Fest 2022

A huge thank you to the 2022 Fall Leaf Learning Fest speakers and attendees! After a 3-year break, we were back and had 35 people come out for great talks, delicious food from Mim's Cafe, and reconnection time with tree-loving friends. We look forward to hosting again in fall 2023!


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The Fate of MN Oak Forests in the Wake of Oak Wilt

Anna Yang, PhD Candidate, UMN Dept of Forest Resources

The range of oak wilt continues to slowly expand despite decades of disease prevention and management. This begs an important question: what will MN forests look like after oak wilt? We are exploring the impacts of oak wilt and its management in Minnesota forests where the disease is prevalent.





Creating Edible Landscapes and Community Food Forests

Gary Wyatt, UMN Extension Educator in Agroforestry

Interest in creating backyard and community edible landscapes has been rising in popularity over the last few years. Many shrubs that produce foods and decoratives in Minnesota woodlands can also be planted in your backyard or community. These include hazelnuts, black chokeberry, juneberry, elderberry, honeyberry, and willows.





Conservation of Minnesota's Forest Birds

Alexis Grinde, PhD, Wildlife Ecologist

The breeding bird communities of the western Great Lakes region have among the richest species diversity in North America. However, decline in bird abundance has been documented since the 1970s. Trends in Minnesota’s forest bird populations, with an emphasis on the importance of maintaining avian diversity in forests, will be discussed.