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The Tree Care Advocate Program is an umbrella program that houses our two main volunteer programs: Tree Care Advisor and Tree Steward. These programs vary in the type of education received, training length requirements, if they are individual or community-based programs, and education and volunteer hour requirements after the initial training. Below, you can find details regarding each program and links to learn even more to get involved!

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The Tree Care Advisor Program, founded in 1993, aids in the development of individual environmental stewards through education and promoting volunteerism.

Structure: Independent Volunteers

Training Requirements: 30 hours

Participants: 10 min., 25 max. per class

Yearly Volunteer Requirement: 25 hours

Yearly Education Requirement: 4 hours

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The Tree Steward Program, founded in 2015, is designed to train citizen volunteers to act as volunteer leaders and as a second pair of eyes within their community.

Structure: Community-based

Training Requirements: 3 to 10 hours

Participants: 10 min., 25 max. per class

Yearly Volunteer Requirement: 10 hours

Education: Renewal every 3 years