Looking for some more resources as a Minnesota Tree Care Advocate member or just as a curious citizen? Here is your hub for information on all things related to trees and urban forestry. This is the home to everything from reporting hours to education events, and from information on the Forest Resources Outreach Line to reference materials.

Forest Outreach Line

Do you have a question about trees, shrubs, or vines that you need assistance answering? Look no further! The Forest Resources Outreach Line has been in operation for over 50 years and is now staffed with volunteer Tree Care Advisors to help answer your questions. These volunteers will do their best to answer your questions and point you toward resources that can help. You can contact the outreach line via phone or e-mail.

Educational Opportunities

Looking to learn more about trees and the urban forest? These educational events are open to the public and are a great resource for current Tree Care Advisors to find 4 hours of update training. Opportunities posted include Core Course classes, Tree Essential classes, Tree Steward classes, Citizen Pruner classes, and educational events offered by other organizations.

Tree Essentials Classes

Tree Essentials classes are designed for Tree Care Advisors, Master Gardeners, Tree Inspectors, and others  to learn more and refresh their knowledge regarding specific tree care topics. Classes are held July through October. 2017 topics included: best planting practices, managing aggressives/invasives, pruning, tree selection, plant health issues - diagnostics, nontraditional pruning, and predicting/preventing storm damage.

Volunteer Opportunities

While there are many volunteer opportunities offered throughout the state, here you can find events posted by organizations that have reached out to seek assistance in the form of educations, leaders, and participants. Some opportunities are meant for Tree Care Advisors in particular, so those will be listed below the calendar. These calendar events are all open to the public.

Reference Materials

The University of Minnesota Department of Forestry prides itself on providing Minnesota Tree Care Advocate volunteers and the public with the most up-to-date information available. Here you can find reference materials regarding research being done at the University, see Green Reports, and other materials that can assist you when you are volunteering.